Kelly: Decision imminent on Notre Dame WR Floyd

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame practiced again Friday without Michael Floyd. Whether it practices without him for the rest of 2011 likely will be decided soon.

Floyd, indefinitely suspended after an operating under the influence arrest in March 20, is expected to get a ruling from Notre Dame's Office of Residence Life soon after a hearing that was scheduled to happen this week, according to Irish coach Brian Kelly.

"What I heard was that he would be meeting with Residential Life this week," Kelly said after the Irish finished practice Friday. "And that some kind of decision relative to that meeting would be very soon after."

Asked to clarify the "this week" time frame, Kelly demurred.

"They have not told me directly nor have I called to ask," Kelly said. "I'm getting my information secondhand. I know that Michael is scheduled to meet with them and they have informed him that a decision would be made quickly."

Based on that, either way, Floyd, Kelly and Notre Dame football evidently should know where they stand as early as next week.

It is a tenuous situation for the leading receiver from 2010, as the OWI arrest was his second alcohol-related legal dust-up that thrust him before Res Life -- the first being a citation for underage consumption in Minneapolis in January 2010.

Kelly said Floyd has begun the steps as he "gets his life in order," as Kelly's original post-suspension statement put it.

"He's already taken definitive action," Kelly said. "I'm not going to get into his personal life, but I think you can read between the lines. He's already reached out to make that happen in a very positive way. So he understands he needs to be educated. And he's started that process."

When asked if he was optimistic about the forthcoming ruling on Floyd, Kelly not-so-subtly suggested that perhaps a semester suspension -- which would cost Floyd his 2011 season -- is not the best medicine.

"Look, I'm a teacher and an educator," Kelly said. "From my perspective, I'm always thinking about educational opportunities, so I always think in those terms. My first reaction is always about how can we learn. But that's me. I'm not in that there office."

As for his relationship with Res Life -- which was labeled the football program's biggest problem by former coach Charlie Weis but is now under new leadership -- Kelly sounded a positive note.

"There's been great communication between Res Life and myself," Kelly said. "I'm not saying I've got a hotline that I can call Father Doyle and make suggestions. That's not what I'm saying. But there are open lines of communication and I think a healthy relationship.

"That's how I would put it. Whatever the decisions, those are made by the university. But I don’t feel like there's a barrier between what goes on day-to-day on campus with our student athletes and Residential Life."